A Brief History and What Sitestro Is

Sitestro found its humble beginnings with three individuals who built websites for a living. Over the years, they noticed a trend with many small businesses and website requirements: they were the same requirements time and time again. Rather than continue to reinvent the website wheel, these three decided to create a tool in which small business owners could rapidly build and deploy a website at a very reasonable price.

By creating the Sitestro framework and predefining how business owners can manage content, it takes the guesswork out of building a website and optimizes the process. This turns something that would normally takes months and thousands of dollars into something that takes 5 minutes and no money down to get started.

Sitestro is different from other website builder services because Sitestro takes everything a small business owner needs and rolls it into one complete package. Rather than waste time messing around with drag-and-drop interfaces, Sitestro has already built the web pages many business need, just add a little content and it's done!