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Sitestro is designed to be as simple as possible to use, however from time to time you might have a question or two. If you can't find the answer you need, just use our support ticket form.

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Frequently Asked Questions

How do I use the Sitestro Content Editor?

The Sitestro Content Editor is a custom built website editor. Once logged into your Sitestro account, the editor is built directly into the dashboard for editing content pages. With the editor, you will have options to format text, upload images, add files, and embed YouTube videos; all with just a few clicks of the mouse.

I already have a domain, how do I set this up on a Sitestro website?

Using a domain registered outside of Sitestro is possible but requires a bit of technical knowledge. While we strive to keep Sitestro as simple as possible, there are some things outside of our control and this is one of them. Should you own a domain name that is not registered with Sitestro but would like to use it, please open a support ticket and a domain transfer specialist will be happy to assist you.

What social media platforms does Sitestro integrate with?

We currently integrate with Facebook, Twitter, LinkedIn, YouTube, Google+, Pinterest, Instagram, and Yelp. As more prominent platforms become used, we may add them in and expand our platform integration.

Can I change the names of the menu items?

Yes you can. In the dashboard while on the edit screen for a particular page, you will see the "Menu Customization" section. The "Menu Display Name" is where you can change the name of the menu display text.

What is the client dashboard?

The client dashboard is a place where you can manage and configure every option for your Sitestro website. You can edit content, enable/disable pages, change the look and feel of your website, view website visitor reports, view contact submissions, and more.

Do I have to do anything to make my Sitestro website work on smartphones?

No you do not! All Sitestro websites come with built in mobile support. This means that people visiting your website will see a fantastic and easy to use mobile version working perfectly right out of the box.

What kind of website reporting does Sitestro offer?

With Sitestro, we report the most important thing: how many people are visiting your site. If more advanced reporting is required, it will be possible to integrate your Sitestro website with Google Analytics (coming soon).

How do I add more pages to my Sitestro website?

At this time, we do not offer the ability to add more pages. We are planning on adding this feature in the near future.

Can I change the look of my website once it is live?

Absolutely! Sitestro was built so you can change the look of your website any time but still retain all the hard work you put in creating the content. Designs can vary from traditional multi-page websites to single-page long scrolling websites (coming soon).

I already have a Sitestro website but want to use a custom domain name, how do I do this?

Login to your Sitestro account and from the dashboard, click the "Setup & Manage Domain" link in the left column. Enter the domain you wish to use and once we verify that the custom domain you want is available, complete the checkout process and we'll take care of the rest!

How do the SEO Fields work?

The SEO Fields are a great way to get your website found search engines. By using these fields, you are able to add custom Meta Keywords and Meta Descriptions to all your content pages. You are also able to customize your page title text to optimize for keywords.

Can I upgrade/downgrade my current plan?

No, Sitestro only offers one plan option.

Can I manage multiple Sitestro websites with one account?

Not at this time but we do have plans to implement this feature in the future.

How do I setup my custom email address with Sitestro?

You must have a paid subscription and have a domain registered through Sitestro to utilize a custom email address. To setup your custom email address, login to the dashboard and click the "Email Setup" tab in the left column. Fill in the two fields for your existing email address and what you would like for your custom email address.